Stories for Every Classroom by Beverley Brenna

Stories for Every Classroom:
Canadian Fiction Portraying Characters with Disabilities

“Brenna is bringing into the light a topic that is often avoided, bringing into focus students who are so often marginalized and mis­under­stood…. This book helps readers to overcome stereotypes and moves us into understanding rather than avoiding this very important sector of our school population.”

—Joyce Bainbridge, Faculty of Education, University of Alberta

“Brenna has written an important book in Stories for Every Classroom. She navigates the growing field of literature on dis/ability with eloquence and passion. It is a book that will be treasured by teacher educators, teacher candidates, and teachers alike.”

— Cam Cobb, Faculty of Education and Academic Development, University of Windsor

“With its examination of Canadian fiction portraying characters with disabilities, Stories for Every Classroom addresses a significant gap in the literature. Bev Brenna expertly integrates historical context and theoretical orientation with rich descriptions of picture books and novels for children and young adults. Rather than the traditional uni-dimensional portrayals of characters with disabilities, the author highlights characters who have a multiplicity of traits. The additional features of author profiles, annotated bibliographies, and read-on lists make this a must-read for in-service and pre-service teachers, as well as for teacher educators and educational researchers.”

—Lynne Wiltse, Faculty of Education, University of Alberta

New in 2015
For ages 5 and up

The Girl with the Cat

Wild Orchid Series

wild Orchid by Beverley Brenna

Wild Orchid

Recently included on CBC’s list of 100 Young Adult Books That Make You Proud To Be Canadian and shortlisted for a Young Adult Book Award by the Canadian Library Association, a Manitoba Our Choice Award, an Ontario Library Association White Pine Award, and Saskatchewan’s Silver Birch Award as well as a Saskatchewan Book Award and listed as a starred selection by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre as well as included on the New York Public Library’s list of Best Books for the Teen Age.

“Brenna has done a magnificent job. Until I read this novel I knew autism as an outsider looking in. Wild Orchid has allowed me to see it from the inside out. This is an honest, insightful, and compelling read. Highly recommended. Four stars out of four.”

— Kristin Butcher, CM Magazine

“Although Taylor’s literal interpretations of the figurative use of English and her “awkward” reactions in social situations, especially those involving boys, are often humourous, readers never laugh “at” her as Brenna skilfully portrays the internal “logic” of Taylor’s responses. Highly recommended.”

— Dave Jenkinson, University of Manitoba

“Through Taylor’s delightfully straightforward journal entries, we get a candid look into the mind and heart of a very bright, self-aware young woman who is also autistic. Experiencing the world from her point of view is at once revelatory and thought-provoking, touching and amusing. Taylor’s story is a pleasure to read, filled as it is with honesty, humour and insight.”

— Lisa Doucet, Canadian Children’s Book News

“Unique and captivating, opening readers to a new perspective on life.”

— Kate Larking, Calgary Herald

“Vital for those seeking to understand and identify with their differently abled peers and even more important for people with Asperger’s who rarely ever see themselves in a book.”

Bulletin of the Centre for Children’s Books, University of Illinois

Waiting for No One by Beverley Brenna

Waiting for No One

Winner of the 2012 Dolly Gray Award for Children’s Literature; this award is offered to a book of high quality that authentically portrays individuals with special needs and is sponsored by the American Council for Exceptional Children: Division of Autism and Developmental Disabilities

Shortlisted for the 2011 Canadian Library Association Young Adult Book of the Year Award and a 2012 "Woozles" Battle of the Books Teen List Contender

“Highly recommended; 4/4 stars.”

— Kristin Butcher, CM Magazine

“Beverley Brenna’s seventh title for young people, WAITING FOR NO ONE is a gem of a book. From the moment readers meet Taylor as she makes a glorious hash of her first job interview, they are her friends for life. Taylor is a funny, honest, smart, endearing girl with Asperger’s syndrome. Little things others take for granted often confuse her. She longs to escape from those who, for her own good, keep her dependent. She tells the sometimes comic, always moving story of her fight for freedom in a voice all her own.

“From start to finish, Taylor’s gerbil, Harold Pinter, is a central character. Like Christopher Boone’s pet rat Toby in THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHTTIME, Harold Pinter never notices his person’s syndrome; he simply gives his heart to his girl. So will you when you read this book.”

— Jean Little, Canadian Author

“Brenna writes insightfully, giving the reader an understanding of the perspective and thought processing of an individual on the autism spectrum. Using journal style writing, Brenna explicates the many language and social challenges that individuals with Asperger Syndrome face every day.”

— Judith M. S Gross, PhD, Beach Center on Disability

The White Bicycle by Beverley Brenna

The White Bicycle

Nominated for a 2013 Governor General’s Award for Children’s Literature (Text).

A 2013 Printz Honor Book (Young Adult Library Services Association/American Library Association)

“Brenna’s ability to let readers see the world through Taylor’s eyes is extraordinary.”

— Martha V. Parravano, The Horn Book Blog

“…nothing short of a tour de force.”

— Marsha Skrypuch, The Winnipeg Review

“Highly Recommended”

— Kristin Butcher, CM Magazine

Falling for Henry by Beverley Brenna

Falling for Henry

“This book will definitely hold your interest and is truly a great read...5 out of 5 stars.”

— Paige Duncan, National Post

“Tudor England comes alive under Brenna’s meticulous research…Tightly edited and intelligent... Themes of love, loss and self-acceptance should appeal to a variety of fiction and non-fiction readers, from teens to adults.”

— Aliki Tryphonopoulos, Canadian Children’s Book News

The Bug House Family Restaurant by Beverley Brenna

The Bug House Family Restaurant

“A hilarious book of poetry, reminiscent of Alligator Pie...Montreal artist Mongeau adds to the fun of the book with humorous black-and white illustrations”

— Helen Norrie, Winnipeg Free Press

Something To Hang On To by Beverley Brenna

Something To Hang On To

Featured/reviewed in the Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Best Books for Kids & Teens 2010 issue and listed as a starred selection—a title of “exceptional calibre”.

“[A] captivating collection of 11 short stories and one 12-page play... each one appealing, thanks largely to their unique, endearing, and credible central characters... thought-provoking and satisfying....”

— Karen Rankin, CM Magazine

“These brief but clever stories are relatable and relevant. Teens looking for a short, satisfying read will be pleasantly surprised by their worthiness.”

— Southwest Ohio and Neighbouring SWON Libraries

The Moon Children by Beverley Brenna

The Moon Children

Shortlisted for a Saskatchewan Book Award and a Silver Birch Award from the Ontario Library Association; long-listed for the Children’s Book of the Year by the Canadian Library Association.

“Beverley Brenna has given us a poignant and well-written novel about an unusual friendship between two children, who, despite their differences, are able to give each other hope and encouragement....”

— Ann Shantz, Canadian Children’s Book News

“Once again, Brenna demonstrates her superb ability to present the world as it is seen through the eyes of a central character with special learning needs. Highly Recommended.”

— Dave Jenkinson, CM Magazine

The Keeper of the Trees by Beverley Brenna

The Keeper of the Trees

Shortlisted for a Saskatchewan Book Award.

“This book, aimed at 8 to 12 year olds, should appeal to readers who like to imagine strange enchanted places and incredible adventures.”

— Helen Norrie, Winnipeg Free Press

“A worthy job, believable characters and story.”

— Beatrice Repp, Kimberly Daily Bulletin

“A first-class story of a young girl’s encounter with an odd old lady, fantastic little horses, and an Otherworld beneath the streets of London.”

— Ted Hainworth, Saskatoon Star Phoenix

Spider Summer by Beverley Brenna

Spider Summer

“This mystery novel contains fascinating factual information about tarantulas and piranhas. Students are encouraged to collect information by research and through observation. For ages 8 to 12.”

— Nelson, Canada

Daddy Longlegs at Birch Lane by Beverley Brenna

Daddy Longlegs at Birch Lane

“The story gives an interesting and nicely detailed overview of the life cycle of a daddy longlegs. Useful for elementary natural history/science lessons as well as for storytimes.”

School Library Journal

“Highly recommended. Our preschoolers really enjoyed listening to and learning from this book.”

— Richardson Independent School District, Texas

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The Fantastical Story of Edward V
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