Bev’s Other Research

photo of a basket with books in it

One literate life: A case study of a ninety-four-year-old reader

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This research article supports the use of picture books in older populations. This view illuminates picture books as potentially intergenerational resources.

Returning to the novel Planet of Death: A Chronotopic Exploration

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This self-study explores the value of re-reading and illuminates the reading motivations of the author as a grade 5 student.

Invitations into the natural world: An author’s viewpoint

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Bev identifies key environmental themes, and related personal backstories, in some of her published novels for young people.

Never too late to learn: The unique literacy profile of a teen with multiple disabilities

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This case study presents implications for the adaptive dimension of literacy programs in light of the ongoing literacy development of one teen reader. Picture books emerge here as potentially intergenerational resources.

Reading Aloud with an Octogenarian: Journeys into a Liminal Space Created During the 2020 Pandemic

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This reflexive inquiry explores a six-week telephone read-aloud of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s (1911) The Secret Garden.

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