Bev’s Graphic Novel Research

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Graphic Novels in Action: A Classroom Study of Reader Response

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This qualitative case study explored student responses to graphic novels in the context of 15 students in one grade 6/7 classroom. Key research questions involved reader preferences and reading comprehension strategies.

How Graphic Novels Support Reading Comprehension Strategy Development in Children

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This qualitative case study examined the relationship between comprehension strategies and graphic novels in one grade 4 classroom. Key research questions related to children’s application of metacognitive reading strategies as well as the potential for graphic novels to support all students as readers.

Comprehension Strategies in Practice Through a Graphic Novel Study

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This qualitative case study explored the use of graphic novels as key reading texts for elementary students involved in a reading support program.

Book Review of Thurman & Hearn’s Teaching Resource Get Graphic: Using Storyboards to Write and Draw Picture Books, Graphic Novels, or Comic Strips

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As more publications become available, educators are able to locate more sources of support for integrating graphic novels with current classroom practice.

Different, Versatile, Layered: Canadian Graphic Novels Have Evolved into a Staple for Young Readers

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This professional article summarizes issues related to graphic novels in the classroom and recommends particular titles for elementary and secondary age groups.

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